Transforming tax data as an opportunity for growth

Hear from Jose-Manuel Pedron-Garcia, Global Tax Compliance Process Leader at Michelin, as he discusses the power of digitalisation at KNect365’s Tax Transformation Summit in London. He explains how tax-related data represents an opportunity for improvement and additional revenue, and how Michelin used VATBox’s technology to recover €3.3 million in 3 years. Find out exactly how Michelin achieved their goals with the added value provided by VATBox.

Michelin Forward-Thinking Path to Tax Digitalisation

As the second-largest tire manufacturer operating all over the world, Michelin faces huge expenses for business travel. With no T&E system in place and no clear insight into their VAT recovery potential, Michelin needed a solution that would allow them to optimise their recovery using as few internal resources as possible. Learn how VATBox helped Michelin start down the path to tax digitalisation and ultimately delivered a massive boost to their bottom line. Jose-Manuel Pedron-Garcia, Global Tax Compliance Process Leader at Michelin, provides four key tips for companies seeking to move toward digitalisation.

Watch how to Marcel de Wit, VP Global Tax and Treasury at BCD Travel, explain how the VATBox and BCD Travel integration will affect the role of indirect tax managers.

By integrating with VATBox, BCD Travel can consolidate its customers’ data to see the total travel spend, per employee, and to find any out-of-policy bookings. Providing all supporting documentation in the cloud, via the VATBox portal.

Dell is working closely with VATBox to optimize their VAT recovery process.

VATBox highlights the indirect tax function as a value driver in boosting competitive advantage.

Discover how monsanto saved millions on small invoices via vat automation.

Felix Hassine Global Head of Indirect Tax for Kuehne+Nagel talks about VATBox

Learn how Monsanto, dealt with the massive VAT challenge it was facing due to its huge T&E spend, both global and domestic.

VATBox #ForumDimo 2016 Paris, France.

VATBox - Take Advantage of Exact VAT Automation.

Co-Founder Noam Guzman Describes Why VATBox is Different.

VATBox at Finovate Europe 2015.

VATBox - Profitieren Sie von Exakter Automatischer Mehrwertsteuerrückerstattung.

How Much VAT Lies Hidden in Your Company T&E Budget?

VATBox - Bénéficiez d’une Automatisation Précise de la Gestion de la TVA.

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