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Data Visibility & Digitalization: The future of VAT Reclaims on Travel & Expenses

Watch VATBox and SAP Concur joint webinar to learn how to achieve unparalleled compliance and eliminate the complexities of the VAT and GST recovery process.
Martin Leonard SAP Concur’s EMEA FSI Director and Mark Stirling VATBox’s GM &VP EMEA explain how to leverage the end-to-end solution of SAP Concur combined with VATBox on a global scale.

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The new way to maximise returns while improving compliance

Authorise SAP Concur to transfer your expense data directly to VATBox’s database with just ONE CLICK. VATBox will consolidate, map and analyse your data, and deliver deep insights and visualisations on a customized dashboard highlighting your company’s true VAT potential.

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The successful partnership between VATBox and SAP Concur

Download Monsanto’s case study to learn how VATBox and SAP Concur’s partnership empowered Monsanto, a Fortune 500 BioTech Company, to exceed industry benchmarks and company targets, and meet internal KPIs that made the VAT recovery process more productive and yield higher returns.

Your savings are written in the stars – joint webinar

Learn how to reduce costs and gain greater control of supplier invoices. In this webinar hosted by SAP Concur and VATBox, you will learn about the advantages of automating the invoice process and how to increase your profitability with invoice management software.

Transparent process for VAT reclaims

Watch now to understand the value of merging VATBox technology with SAP Concur’s platform for large scale enterprises. Businesses can now gain greater insights into their financial spend whether through Travel and Expense, Accounts Payables, Events, and/or DDP shipments.

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