Join us at the International Taxation in CEE Conference

Join us at the International Taxation in CEE Conference

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On October 13th and 14th,, 2016,  the Czech Republic will host the 7th annual International Taxation in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) Conference, in Prague. The event will focus on today’s major tax issues facing CEE. These issues are particularly relevant in light of the increasing governmental scrutiny of taxation structures by multinational enterprises, such as the increase of tax audits and disputes, new transfer pricing rules, and stiff penalties for non-compliance. Topics to be explored at the conference include effective post-BEPS tax planning in CEE, tax audit defense strategies, transfer pricing and documentation strategies, indirect tax compliance in CEE, and the tax function of the future.

The event will bring together a hundred companies from across CEE, and feature elite keynote speakers from top corporations such as Nestle, GE, Proctor & Gamble, ING, Paramount and Whirlpool, as well as key figures in CEE government.

Consider attending the conference if your organization would benefit from:

  • Understanding the impact of the OECD BEPS action plan in CEE
  • Hearing case studies on tax planning, tax optimization and profit repatriation strategies for CEE
  • Clarifying your understanding on valuation of intangibles, deduction of HQ charges, intragroup funding and Transfer Pricing documentation
  • Studying practical lessons learned from recent tax audits and court proceedings in CEE
  • Learning best practices on tax aspects in business issues such as cash pooling, intergroup guarantees and loans
  • Reviewing cases studies on tax aspects of Joint Ventures, permanent establishments and improving efficiency within the tax department

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