VAT/GST Compliant Recovery

Compliant VAT/GST Recovery

  • Enjoy our versatile “all-in-one” window into your VAT & GST transactional data with drill-down retrieval capabilities
  • Optimise your foreign and domestic VAT & GST recovery process, consolidate multiple data sources and processes into a unified digital workflow
  • Leverage our expertise in all types of transactions to increase your bottom line, including:  foreign and domestic VAT on T&E expenses, foreign VAT on accounts payable (e.g. conventions and events, shipping – delivery duty paid and tooling) and inter-company VAT

Compliance Assurance

  • Ensure the highest compliance rate by using our triple QA mechanism to extract, match and analyse every invoice
  • Leverage powerful analytics and actionable insights that support informed data-driven decisions while ensuring full compliance with tax and financial authorities
  • Reduce exposure and avoid risk liabilities by using a single access point for global and local management control across all entities and jurisdictions

Tax Tailor

  • Optimise your domestic VAT recovery potential and boost your savings
  • Adjust the strictness of your domestic VAT/GST returns based on your company policy and rulings with the tax authorities while maintaining full compliance
  • Reduce risks and improve compliance by resolving inquiries with minimal intervention

Archiving solutions

Leverage a cost-effective digital and physical archiving solution that seamlessly integrates with VATBox’s portal for a complete audit trail

Manage your information throughout the entire lifecycle and keep up to date with evolving industry regulations – enabling you to achieve compliance and extract value from your information

Protect and preserve what matters most– enabling you to have peace of mind that your information is securely stored and recoverable

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