Transform tax data into powerful business decisions

Unrivalled compliance

Reduce your liability through our hybrid quality compliance workflow. Our proprietary solution fuses deep tech and human expertise to ensure best practices and reduced risk, effortlessly.

Optimal savings

Optimise the recovery process using a set of powerful business applications, and push the boundaries of your tax reclaims to maximise business returns.

Digitised tax workflow

Consolidate multiple data sources and processes into a unified digital workflow.

No matter the complexity of your enterprise, we offer a single access point for global and local management, across all entities and jurisdictions.

Data-driven decisions

Make informed decisions that impact the entire organisation, leveraging powerful analytics and actionable insights to help you view data through different prisms.

Greater returns from your financial data

Up-to-date knowledge base, robust data security and sophisticated AI algorithms enable rigorous three-way matching between supplier data, evidence and reports to ensure full compliance.

The world’s leading enterprises rely on VATBox

to deliver best-in-class financial insights and optimal returns

“VATBox has played a pivotal role in helping the company educate its employees, which has effectively mitigated their high disqualification rate, increased policy compliance and maximized VAT reclaim opportunities. VATBox helped us ensure our “travelers are submitting documentation properly under the right legal entity or with the right breakdown of costs.”

James Nguyen, Global Head of Procurement, Zoetis

“VATBox helps me do my job better by streamlining my daily tasks and giving me the time to concentrate on more strategic activities.”

Bas de Koning, an Indirect Tax Specialist, Monsanto/Bayer

“VATBox has used technology to enable Dell to recover more VAT than we ever dreamed about.”

Eoin Fitzgerald, VAT Director, Dell EMC and EMEA VAT Leader.

“We chose VATBox as our preferred solution to have one, unified process for VAT recovery. To Kuehne-Nagel, VATBox means Governance & Disruptive innovation!”

Global Head of Indirect Tax, Kuehne+Nagel

“With a direct connection between Teva’s Expense Report and VATBox, we successfully minimised the time we needed to spend on VAT procedures, and maximised our VAT potential outputs leading to excellent results.”

Senior Director of Global Tax, TEVA

“We chose VATBox to optimize our VAT reclaim process, simplify the administrative processes for our finance departments and to increase the compliance of our T&E invoices.”

Marcel de Wit, the Head of Tax at BCD Travel

Partnered with the best

Our seamless integration with the world’s industry leaders empowers our customers to be the best and achieve the most out of their transactional data

Our award-winning technology

Our fully-patented platform represents a technological breakthrough in the VAT recovery and analysis space, and is recognised by prestigious programs such as the Citi Bank Accelerator, Finovate, MasterCard’s Accelerator, and the Red Herring Europe Top 100

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