VATBox is the best VAT technology company that focuses on simplifying the laborious VAT recovery process through intelligent, knowledge-based and automated VAT software. With top-of-the-line VAT analysis, our VAT company has technology you need to streamline your VAT process.


With our drill down analytics, it’s easy to gain visibility into your VAT spend. Take command of the entire VAT value chain from a single interconnected system.


Minimize VAT risk and gain peace of mind knowing that our rigorous methodology processes all VAT transactions with full international compliance.


Boost reclaims and uncover hidden VAT. With VATBox even the smallest invoices are accurately processed because human error is removed from the equation.

Easy Onboarding


Our VAT technology streams your data from multiple existing systems.


Our powerful VAT tool validates your data, checks for eligibility, cross checks with 3rd party sources, eliminates duplicates and much more.


Our VAT services submit and follow up on your reclaims, allowing your company to recovery VAT with ease. If evidence is missing for any of your company’s VAT returns, VATBox will inform you.

Our Clients

Join the growing list of 1500 customers already benefiting from our VAT services


VATBox operates worldwide to enable business full control over their indirect tax spend. With offices in Amsterdam, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Atlanta & Tel-Aviv, we serve our 1500 customers in over 160 countries.

VATBox is a global VAT recovery  company working world-wide to provide customers with the VAT software they need in order to recover VAT from business travel abroad. Our VAT technology provides cutting-edge VAT analysis to ensure optimal VAT recovery. VAT services are an essential tool for any company with employees traveling for business to countries with a VAT system in place.

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