VATBox Direct: Start recovering millions with just ONE CLICK

VATBox Direct: Start recovering millions with just ONE CLICK

Navigating the complexities of VAT recovery has never been easier! VATBox has deepened its partnership with SAP Concur to make it even simpler for enterprises to gain control of T&E VAT spend. How much effort is involved? One click.

One-click –  VATBox Direct and SAP Concur Integration

VATBox customises and enhances SAP Concur Expense technology by leveraging customers’ existing data, and processes it effortlessly to deliver dramatically higher VAT refunds. Data transfer between SAP Concur and VATBox is seamless via a secure one-click VATBox Direct integration, eliminating the need to configure complicated VAT tables within Concur Expense, and speeding up the entire sales and onboarding process.

With VATBox Direct one-click secure integration, customers simply sign on with VATBox and authorise SAP Concur to transfer expense data directly to the VATBox database. There is no paperwork or additional resources required. VATBox works behind the scenes to consolidate and analyse the T&E data and then delivers a customised dashboard highlighting the potential VAT reclaim.

What makes the partnership so unique is that unlike other VAT vendors, the SAP Concur and VATBox alliance delivers full insight into T&E and VAT spend via unprecedented analytics, segmentation, instant record retrieval, useful reports, and detailed audit trails. Sophisticated dashboards and drill-down analytics provide detailed visibility into the status of every invoice – no matter how small – resulting in greater transparency of a company’s tax policies, stricter internal and external compliance reduced exposure and risk, and a materially improved VAT recovery process.

With SAP Concur’s automated expense reporting solution, coupled with VATBox’s add-on VAT management system, the chances of flawed reporting are significantly reduced. VATBox maintains a database of all current and historical VAT rates, application rules and reclamation procedures across all international and domestic jurisdictions, updated in real-time, ensuring the highest levels of governance and compliance. Plus, when companies actualise their high VAT reclaim potential, their bottom line is significantly increased, and their Concur fees are often recovered in full.   

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