VATBox: Breaking through the VAT maze to Tax digitalisation of tomorrow

VATBox: Breaking through the VAT maze to Tax digitalisation of tomorrow

Over the past six years, VATBox has embarked on a meaningful role in the transformation of the VAT/GST recovery journey by introducing an automated process supported by AI and machine learning. From a world of storage boxes and Excel charts, VATBox has successfully disrupted the industry and led the VAT recovery market into the VAT digitalisation era.

At VATBox, we strive to create fresh new products that monitor transactional business data across entities and jurisdictions, identifying unclaimed VAT and bring visibility and compliance. Our ongoing efforts to perfect the digitalisation of the VAT recovery process has led to the creation of new solutions that leverages our technological capabilities and solutions to other areas of taxation, spend control and policy compliance.

Peace of mind for tax professionals has arrived

VATBox’s broadened the suite of tax compliance solutions shows how the strong infrastructure and audit capabilities built for VAT and GST is now leveraged for the area of Wage Tax in the form of the benefits in kind audit and our solution for disallowed expenses for Corporate Income Tax. Acting as a single access point for control and tax compliance for employee expenses, VATBox leverages the same data input to perform audits for multiple areas of taxation, optimising not only the VAT recovery but also bringing a solution for T&E compliance for Benefits in Kind and Corporate Income Tax.

As Marcel de Wit, VP Tax and Treasury at BCD Travel –  our client and strategic partner – stated: “It is all about data, and VATBox’s portal provides us with the reporting, analytics and business intelligence we need for our customers and ourselves to optimize processes and further increase the value we bring to the business.”

In the words of Isaac Saft, VATBox’s CEO: “Strategic digital transformation will always pay off in the long run. Investing in technology can have a significant impact on the company’s cash flow and eventually, make a sizeable financial impact over time.”

Invest in the future

Through a solid commitment to the digital transformation and resource allocation, company leaders can turn their financial departments into the organisation’s visionaries. Implementing the right digital solutions and processes will allow them to gain control over the ever-growing lake of data, get the required business insights, act in full compliance and be able to make those decisions to create long-term financial gains.

We need your support

VATBox is looking for your help in determining industry benchmarks in the VAT digitalisation era. By participating in this survey, you will get exclusive in-depth insights into the survey results. Use these benchmarks as a basis for requesting a budget to invest in technology and to build the right skill set within your team.

We’d like to hear from you; please share your input here.

Liat Arbesman, VP Marketing VATBox

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