Score a VAT Goal for Your Company

Score a VAT Goal for Your Company

VAT Refunds @ The FIFA World Cup in Russia

The FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia is about to start. If your business is involved in the organization or is sponsoring this event, your company may qualify for a Russian VAT refund. VATBox can fully support your efforts to recovering Russian VAT paid, allowing you more time to enjoy the matches.

Why is it important to act now?
The Russian Government introduced a zero VAT rate especially for the World Cup and also allow a VAT refund to listed parties.

In order to take advantage of these tax benefits, your company must be included on the Russia 2018 Local Organizing Committee’s list of FIFA vendors. To qualify as a FIFA vendor, your company must have an agreement with FIFA and be involved in the organization of the event.

VATBox can assist you in determining whether your company can be listed – or should be listed – and support you in obtaining Russian VAT registration, which is needed to claim the VAT charged to you.

Who can benefit?
The following groups of FIFA vendors and other parties can benefit from the special tax benefits:

  1. FIFA commercial partners
  2. FIFA broadcasters
  3. FIFA media producers
  4. FIFA suppliesr of goods & services
  5. FIFA and its subsidiaries
  6. FIFA confederations
  7. The Russia 2018 Local Organizing Committee and its subsidiaries
  8. National football associations and the Russian football union

Not sure whether you qualify? Contact us and we will check for you.

Which transactions qualify?
To qualify for a VAT refund, the goods and services purchased must be related to the organization of the event. Here is a list:

  • Accommodation coordination
  • Transportation coordination
  • Coordination of tour operators
  • Coordination of ticket sales for football matches
  • Hosting of football attendees
  • Informational services
  • Other services performed by the company and compensated by FIFA for the amount of actual costs.

Next steps?
If you believe you qualify for a Russian VAT refund related to the FIFA World Cup, then contact us today. VATBox’s World Cup specialists are ready to assist you in fulfilling all the necessary obligations to ensure your refund. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at +31 20 810 2222.

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