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COVID-19 Tax, VAT & GST Measures.

Last updated: April 7, 2020

VATBox is researching on an ongoing basis many different data sources to keep its VAT recovery and other tax solutions fully up-to-date. In these unprecedented times, we have expanded our research to also take into account local COVID-19 tax measures, and this way provide a free central repository to assist global tax teams. We have compiled this global list for you and keep expanding it from a variety of data resources and deep links to the original publications where available.



  • Austria

Tax measurements have been introduced to help companies affected by the coronavirus pandemic, including deferred tax payments.

14/03/2020 – Information can be found HERE.

  • Belgium

The Belgian government announced a series of tax measures to help mitigate the impact of the corona crisis. These tax measures related to income taxes, wage withholding taxes and VAT.

10/03/2020 – information can be found HERE.

  • Bulgaria

The Bulgarian government decided to extend tax deadlines due to the impact of the coronavirus on the economy.

20/03/2020 – More information is available HERE.

  • Croatia

Tax measure in Croatia will allow taxpayers to defer payment or to arrange an instalment payment plan for their tax liabilities, social security contributions and certain non-tax levies without being subject to interest being imposed during the period of deferral of payment.

19/03/2020 – More information is available HERE.

  • Cyprus

In light of the business disruption caused by the coronavirus, the Cyprus Government announced several measures to support the country’s economy, including VAT payment deferral.

31/03/2020 – For more information, please click HERE.

  • Czech Republic

According to the Ministry of Finance, the amendment of the Tax Procedure Code introduces several tax changes that will affect the lives of almost all taxpayers.

3/03/2020 – Information can be found HERE.

  • Denmark

The Danish government is introducing tax measurements to strengthen the liquidity of the companies by postponing the deadlines for paying taxes and VAT.

10/03/2020 – Information available in Danish.

  • Estonia

The Estonian Tax and Customs Board (ETCB) has introduced a VAT payment delay for taxpayers until May 1 2020.

23/03/2020 – For more information, please click HERE.

  • Finland

An additional period may be claimed for businesses to submit their tax return and a late fee for a tax return may be waived for a specific, well-founded reason.

If a business is experiencing payment difficulties, it can apply for a tax settlement on new, easier terms.

01/04/2020 – For more information, please click HERE.

  • France

In order to take into account the impact of the coronavirus epidemic on economic activity, the network of the Directorate General of Public Finances (DGFiP) is taking exceptional measures to support professionals and individuals.

22/03/2020 – For more information, please click HERE.

  • Germany

The Federal Ministry of Finance and the Supreme Tax Authorities of the Federal States released a circular and a decree (respectively) introducing tax measures to combat the effects of the coronavirus, including the deferral of submission of income tax, corporation tax, solidarity surcharge and VAT.

10/03/2020 – More information can be found HERE.

  • Greece

The tax measures in Greece include the suspension of payments of VAT and other tax obligations as well as of social security contributions for companies that already have or will shut down following a government decision.

12/03/2020 – Information can be found HERE.

  • Hungary

The Hungarian government has already delayed the update of its live invoice reporting schema from April 1 until July 1, 2020, and there is a possibility of tax payment deferrals.

27/03/2020 – More information can be found HERE.

  • Iceland

The Icelandic Parliament on March 13, 2020, passed legislation that provides for the postponement of tax payments.

19/03/2020 – Information can be found HERE.

  • Ireland

The Irish Revenue announced measures to assist SMEs experiencing cash flow difficulties arising from COVID-19 pandemic.

13/03/2020 – Information can be found HERE.

  • Italy

The Italian government enacted extraordinary rules due to the coronavirus regarding, among others, deadlines for the fulfilment of formalities, including payment of taxes and procedural aspects.

17/03/2020 – More information can be found HERE.

12/03/2020 – Information in Italian.

  • Latvia

Latvia will grant tax delays to businesses during the COVID-19 crisis. Businesses may request a delay on tax – VAT is presumed to be included – until June 30 2020.

24/03/2020 – For more information, please click HERE.

  • Lithuania

Lithuania is offering VAT payers the opportunity to defer returns by up to one year. There will be no charges for late payments or interest on outstanding VAT.

28/03/2020 – More information is available HERE.

  • Luxemburg

Luxembourg is allowing businesses to file requests for cancellation of the first two quarterly tax payments for 2020 (for corporate income and municipal business taxes), and there is a four-month deadline extension (for corporate income, municipal business, and corporate net wealth taxes) for all payments due after February 29, 2020.

18/03/2020 – For more information, please click HERE.

  • Malta

Malta has announced the deferment of VAT payments for March and April to help businesses coping with the COVID crisis.

23/03/2020 – Information can be found HERE.

  • Netherlands

The Dutch Government has announced extensive measures to help businesses that have been affected by the corona pandemic, including financial help to or employers to help pay their employees’ wages.

On March 31, 2020, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment introduced a new regulation, the Temporary Emergency Bridging Measure for the Preservation of Work (NOW scheme).

The NOW scheme is intended to accommodate employers dealing with lost sales. This allows employers to pay their employees on a permanent and flexible contract.

31/03/2020 – The NOW scheme is available HERE.

12/02/2020 – Information in Dutch.

Updated regularly – Information in English.

  • Norway

The government introduced a package of measures to handle the economic consequences of the coronavirus outbreak. This means changes to rates, duties, rules, penalties and deadlines. The Tax Administration is also reducing sanctions (enforcement fine) and moderating the application of the bookkeeping rules.

27/03/2020 – Information is available HERE.

  • Poland

The government on March 18, 2018, presented economic measures in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and among those measures are tax-related proposals. Moreover, the Minister of Finance announced that the tax on retail sales would be deferred until the end of the year.

10/03/2020 – More information can be found HERE.

  • Portugal

The Portuguese government is also introducing tax measurement, including the deferral of paying and declaring taxes.

12/03/2020 – Available in Portuguese.

  • Romania

In Romania, all VAT and tax audits have been halted. There will be extended VAT credit payments for businesses with excess input VAT to refund from April 1. The March 25 deadline for the February 2020 VAT return has been delayed until April 25. Ongoing debt collections for VAT will be paused.

27/03/2020 – More information can be found HERE.

  • Serbia

In Serbia taxpayers are granted with a deferral for paying taxes during the state of emergency, effective for the instalment due in March 2020, the tax authorities will not cancel a “decision” for a delay of a tax payment or will not initiate a forced collection procedure. During this period, no default interest will be charged on the tax debt.

21/03/2020 – More information is available HERE.

  • Slovakia

The Slovak Ministry of Finance has published a proposed relaxation of VAT and other tax rules. This includes a two-month extension of the VAT payment date, currently the 25th of the month following the reporting month or quarter. This will apply for February, March and April payments. There will also be no interest or penalties on late filings, and tax return filings are also postponed,

10/03/2020 – For more information, please click HERE.

  • Slovenia

Slovenia has offered businesses affected by the COVID-19 outbreak the opportunity to apply for a deferral of their VAT payments; however, VAT filings still need to be submitted on time.

28/03/2020 – More information is available HERE.

  • Sweden

A crisis package for Swedish small businesses has been presented to cope with a difficult financial situation. These include, among other things, a state-owned company loan for affected small and medium-sized businesses, temporary reduced employer fees and deductibles, and temporary rebates for rental costs in exposed industries.

23/03/2020 – Information is available HERE.

  • Switzerland

In order to support companies through these challenging times, the Swiss government has put in place measures to safeguard employment and wages and support the self-employed.

25/03/2020 – For more information, please click HERE.

  • UK

The HMRC keeps updating its guidance for employees, employers and businesses about the tax measurements due to the coronavirus pandemic.

26/03/2020 – Information can be found HERE.


  • Egypt

Egypt is implementing a raft of measures to boost the industries and businesses expected to be hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic.

29/03/2020 – Information can be found HERE.



  • Canada

Canadian Prime Minister announced more support for workers and businesses through Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan including deferment of tax payments.

18/03/2020 – Information can be found HERE.

  • Colombia

Under the emergency caused by the outbreak of COVID-19 in Colombia,  tax measures are introduced to postpone due dates for filing certain tax returns and making payments. Import duties on medical supplies are also being reduced. Local jurisdictions also are providing relief to taxpayers. Taxpayers should determine the due dates for the local jurisdiction in which they are located as the approaches vary in each jurisdiction.

24/03/2020 – Information can be found HERE.

  • Guatemala

Guatemala has provided for delays on tax declarations to assist businesses coping the COVID-19 economic downturn.

29/03/2020 – For more information, please click HERE.

  • Mexico

The terms and deadlines inherent to administrative procedures are suspended and administrative regulations for the compliance with tax obligations to prevent the dissemination of the COVID-19 virus.

26/03/2020 – More information can be found HERE.

  • USA

The United States has adopted a short-term expansion of paid sick leave. Tax payments have also been delayed from April 15 to July 15 without interest or penalties. Further tax measures for businesses include a refundable payroll tax credit and allows employers to delay paying Social Security payroll taxes, with half-payment due December 31, 2021, and the rest due December 31, 2022.

17/03/2020 – For more information, please click HERE.


  • Australia

The government has enacted legislation to support its economic response to novel coronavirus (COVID-19) to help the economy withstand and recover from the economic impact of coronavirus with deferred payments and varying any due instalments.

01/04/2020 – More information can be found HERE.

  • China

Due to the significant impact of COVID-19 on consumer activity and service providers, the Chinese government has exempted a wide range of consumer services from VAT on a nationwide basis.

27/02/2020 – Information can be found HERE.

  • India

India is taking measures to protect its economy due to the severe impact of the coronavirus, including the extension of tax reporting due dates.

28/03/2020 – More information can be found HERE.

  • Japan

Japan is not going ahead with a halving of the main Consumption Tax rate to 5% to help businesses struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, Japan has already delayed filing deadlines and payments for individuals by two months until May.

20/03/2020 – More information can be found HERE.

  • South Korea

South Korea has cut VAT taxes for small businesses, given tax boosts for consumers replacing their cars early, and provided tax deductions on personal credit card spend.

01/04/2020 – More information is available HERE.

  • Sri Lanka

The Government in Sri Lanka decided to provide a grace period until April 30 for payment of VAT for the months of February and March 2020.

27/03/2020 – For more information, please click HERE.


  • Bahrain

The Bahrain Government has announced various measures to support the local economy. From a tax perspective, these measures include a three-month exemption from municipal fees and tourism levies starting April 2020.

29/03/2020 – For more information, please click HERE.

  • Israel

Israel has delayed VAT payments for ten days, from the scheduled March 16 date to March 26.

18/03/2020 – Information can be found HERE.

  • Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Ministry of Finance (“MoF”) and General Authority for Zakat & Tax (“GAZT”) have announced various measures in respect of COVID-19 to support the local economy, including a temporary payment and return filing extension for VAT.

29/03/2020 – For more information, please click HERE.

  • United Arab Emirates

The UAE Federal Government has announced certain countrywide stimulus measures, in addition to measures taken by the individual Emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai to support their respective Emirates.

29/03/2020 – For more information, please click HERE.


New tax measures are announced almost every day, globally. The VATBox knowledge team is reviewing the announcements from different sources on a continues basis and adding these to our website. We try to keep fully up-to-date, but with the overwhelming amount of changes and the short time from proposal to implementation, it may be that we might not have the latest status on our website. Still, the overview should provide you with a multi-source global tool with linkage to the underlying information source.

Do note, the information provided does not constitute any legal or tax advice. VATBox is not the owner nor author of the information provided, and although it takes due care in selecting the most reliable sources, it can’t be held liable for any of the information presented on this page or through the links provided therein or can assure the information is fully up-to-date with the latest developments.

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