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With the constant flow of information, it’s not always easy to stay on top of the latest news. Even though that we are sure that you stay up-to-date, a few items might  slip your attention. As we read a lot of articles every week, we collect every week the highlights from the Finance industry, which we gladly share with you on a bi-weekly basis.

TaxTech October 15, 2018

VAT is a very interesting tax, and because it is a transaction tax, you can find VAT everywhere around you, all day long. For many governments, VAT is one of their main sources of income. Very often almost as much or even more as the wages tax collected on salaries. And because it is an indirect tax, it can be used by governments to increase their income in an almost sneaky way. After two busy weeks for tax authorities, policy makers and judges around the world, we are happy to update you with the latest news from the finance industry. Read more.

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