Taxable Employee Benefits

Benefit in Kind / Wage Tax

  • Reduce the risk of unexpected income tax and national insurance on non-cash benefits to your employees
  • Process data quickly, building on our proven data extracting and processing solution
  • Match and review all expenses, auditing compliance with local tax regulations and considering local best practices
  • Utilise artificial intelligence and data science to enrich data and validate the business purpose of the expense
  • Gain insight through intuitive, user-friendly dashboards, with the possibility to drill down to individual expenses

Corporate income tax

  • Avoid unexpected disallowed expenses in your corporate income tax calculation
  • Review and qualify each transaction leveraging our advanced data capture and analysis technology
  • Review each transaction based on the availability of tax compliant evidence
  • Match and enrich your data through our unique technology and data science capabilities
  • Provide detailed reports using our user-friendly portal to support your corporate income tax calculation

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