VATBox workflow


VATBox workflow

The VATBox solution relies on a workflow that uses artificial intelligence that optimises your VAT recovery journey. In addition, our business intelligence helps to get you the management reports you need to get insights into your internal processes. VATBox automatically integrates with your ERP or T&E systems. It analyses the invoices and processes them in accordance with the different laws and regulations per country. The relevant data is automatically transferred for a full audit in a highly secured hassle-free process. After the full audit and compliance process is completed the applicable transaction will be submitted to the relevant jurisdiction for the VAT or GST refund. VATBox, VAT and GST experts will be available to address any information request coming from these authorities. It’s our responsibility to provide you with an end-to-end successful, compliant and above all optimized VAT recovery experience. The world’s leading brands, use our automated solution to recover their VAT and GST across the globe. Join them and start working with us today.

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