VAT – refund challenges


VAT Refund Challenges: Differences in the local Rules and Regulations

What are the challenges for corporates in the VAT refund process? It might not be surprising that the many differences to the local rules and regulations make it so difficult for foreign businesses to understand exactly how to obtain this VAT or GST refund. In a manual way processing internally or externally the many invoices and receipts for both the Travel and Entertainment expenses but also the Accounts payable invoices per jurisdiction isn’t the way to do it. On top of that, incorrect applications may be penalized. Here is exactly where VATBox’s technology-based solution can help. Our cloud-based solution will process all data and all images as per the respective local rules and regulations and will provide you with full data insight not only on the financial refund but also on the compliance level of your data. Would you like to learn more about our processes and our solutions? Go to

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