Michelin’s Forward-thinking Path to Tax Digitalisation

In today’s uncertain financial times, it is understandable that many companies are looking for new and innovative ways to increase their bottom line while improving their day-to-day operations.

As a global company, Michelin faces huge expenses for business travel and incurs Foreign VAT on regular AP invoices from a wide range of suppliers.

With no T&E system in place and no clear insight into their VAT recovery potential, Michelin needed a solution that would allow them to optimise their recovery using as few internal resources as possible.

Download this eBook to learn how Michelin gained:

  1. Backlog recovery that ultimately enabled them to recover €3.3 million
  2. Data visibility and unrivalled compliance
  3. Improved disqualification rate due to internal education
  4. Remotly available global digitised workflow

One of the key points that help us succeed is change management. Nobody likes change, and we have to work in a productive way and to change the process if required, in order to improve the compliance and to maximise the VAT that can be refunded.”

Jose-Manuel Pedron-Garcia
Global Tax Compliance Process Leader, Michelin

Digitalisation is the Future

Learn how technology is helping to transform the tax functionwhile driving: innovations to basic tax operating models.

Michelin’s path to tax digitalisation

An in-depth look at how a leading multinational is implementing new indirect tax initiatives within their operations.

Transforming tax data to an opportunity for growth

Learn how tax-related data represents an opportunity for improvement and additional revenue, and how Michelin used VATBox’s technology to recover €3.3 million in 3 years.

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