Career Path as a Tax Professional: What Are Your Options?

Career Path as a Tax Professional: What Are Your Options?




New technologies, wide-reaching regulatory reform and a dynamic global marketplace have transformed the once conventional tax profession. Employment opportunities within the industry have exploded, resulting in a wide variety of career options for a broad range of people and personalities. If you are academically-minded, have a high level of attention to detail, excellent English and Mathematics skills, creativity and the ability to communicate, then taxation may be an excellent career choice for you.

The benefits of a career in taxation are clear.

  • Stable industry – Taxes apply to everyone – individuals, small businesses, large corporations, even non-profits, and they all require strategic services and supportive resources to comply with both domestic and international tax laws.
  • Fast paced and challenging ‒ Every time the law changes or a new budget is published, tax advisers must expand their knowledge and adapt to new strategies. These trends provide continuous variety and challenge in the workplace.
  • Job security ‒ The necessity of keeping up to date indicates that you will always stay relevant; jobs in tax are relatively secure as compared to jobs in other areas of finance.
  • Financially rewarding ‒ Careers in tax often pay very well for those who prove themselves. Depending on the sector, it is not unrealistic to set your sights on management level positions within two to three years.

Tax professionals are sought after to advise individuals or businesses that must file taxes on any level. The primary areas of employment for tax professionals are:

Government ‒ Working as an auditor is a great place to start learning how sales tax works and how it applies to real-life scenarios.

Professional Service Firms The consulting world offers careers in a wide variety of functions including Business Tax Services, Private Wealth Services, International Tax Services, Mergers & Acquisitions, Global Employer Services, Tax Management Consulting, and Transfer Pricing Services.

Corporate Tax Offices ‒ Private industry offers a great opportunity to start at an entry-level position, learn the ins and outs of sales tax, and move up to a tax management position. Some of the sales tax functions that are available in the private sector include compliance, audit defense, research and planning, issue resolution (assisting internal and external customers with sales tax questions), legislation liaison and tax technology.

Financial Technology ‒ The most up and coming of all areas, financial technology, also known as FinTech, is an industry comprised of companies that use new technology and innovation to compete in the marketplace of traditional financial institutions and intermediaries in the delivery of financial services. If you are interested in technology, a career in a Fintech company, such as VATBox, may be right for you. For open positions, check here.

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