Global Business Partner: BCD Travel

Video: Global business travel – Challenges and opportunities in indirect tax

Learn how VATBox and BCD Travel integration can consolidate its customers’ data to see the total travel spend, per employee, and to find any out-of-policy bookings, while providing supporting documentation in the cloud, via the VATBox’s portal.

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Video: The future role of the indirect tax manager

Watch how Marcel de Wit, VP Global Tax and Treasury at BCD Travel, explains how the VATBox and BCD Travel integration will affect the role of indirect tax managers. As he says: “It is all about data!”

BCD Travel’s clients can now benefit from VATBox’s reporting and analytics portal that allows them to transform their data into actionable insights while maintaining full data integrity, tight compliance and optimal savings.

Case Study: Global business travel – Challenges and opportunities in indirect tax

BCD Travel faced difficulties in obtaining sufficient insight into VAT/GST recovery on Travel & Entertainment (T&E) invoices. Download the case study to learn how BCD Travel leveraged VATBox to optimise their VAT recovery process, gain the highest level of compliance using a fully digitised workflow.

BCD Travel Partners with VATBox to Alleviate VAT Challenges in the Travel Domain

VATBox announced its partnership with BCD Travel, a global travel management company that offers the full spectrum of corporate travel-related services across 109 countries. BCD travel leverages VATBox’s platform to provide its customers with an optimised VAT/GST recovery process, as well as insightful analysis into their total travel spend per employee, so companies can isolate any spend that is booked out of policy.

BCD Travel Addresses VAT challenges in the travel domain with VATBox technology

One of the highlights of the 12th Group Indirect tax event was an eye-opening presentation by Marcel de Wit, VP Global Tax and Treasury at BCD Travel. De Wit discussed specific T&E challenges related to VAT, such as VAT law implications of B2B transactions as part of the special scheme for travel agents, VAT compliance difficulties on invoices, and the need to capture all necessary travel data across the travel journey to meet the requirements of other tax stakeholders.

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