Nov. 1 / 2016

Benchmark your VAT Process

How tax departments are currently operating and what they can do to drive improvements. Remco Dewaerheijt, EMEA VAT Manager at PPG Industries, shares his experience of improving controls and doubling VAT recovery.

Jun. 7 / 2015

Best Practices in VAT Processes and Recovery with Sharedservices

Watch an insightful webinar with Michal Kuczynski, (Head of Tax) and Dominik Aredzki (Global VAT Manager), Infosys.

Jul. 27 / 2016

Brexit – How it Will Impact Your Business

During this webinar we provide updates on which pro-active steps you can take to ensure a smooth way to recover your Indirect Taxes.

Nov. 15 / 2015

Automated Vat Recovery

Using intelligent automation, VATBox gives you full control of your VAT spending, making the VAT recovery accurate, productive and increasing returns.

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